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 Our therapists are always looking to help the community by contributing with informative articles to to help people
identify their condition and know the best way to do deal with it. Below you will find the latest publications.  

Angelica Bilibio

  • Teenagers and Unprotected Sex, by Rafael Brasil, SBS Radio/Portuguese, March 2010
  • Lessons in Making Love Last by Isobel King, onTrust In Us – Keep your relationship alive, Sydney Morning Herald, November 2011. Click to see.
  • Would you know if you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship ? – Cosmopolitan Magazine, July 2013. Click to see.
  • Anxiety and Depression Abroad – BRACCA Magazine, 2013. Click to see.
  • BILIBIO, A. The Perception of Love and Satisfaction. Published Research using Pearson’s Correlational Coefficient Scale (Sternberg, 1986) with 146 couples. Aletheia Psychology Magazine, Porto Alegre,Vol. 10, 1999.
  • BILIBIO, A. Psychology Service: Trainee’s Feeling of Solitude. Presented in session: How do I work? First Congress of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Psychology, Sao Paulo, 1998.

Gabriela Bilibio 

Cristina Wulfhorst, PhD

  • Learning in between: the role of media in the education and cultural hybridisation of bilingual children in Sydney. Barcelona,
  • University of Barcelona Communicating New Forms of Belonging in the Process of Migration. Diaspora, Communication Technologies and Transnational Identities.  UFRJ, 2011
  • Transnational Migrations and Media. Migrations within the Media: migrant perceptions and citizenship proposals. Barcelona, 2008
  • Intimate Multiculturalism: Transnationalism and Belonging in Australia. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2013

Kelly Nunes-Zlotkowski 

  •  BUARQUE, C.; NUNES, K.F.; JACOBI, E. Pilot Research with Families with Addictions. In: XV Congress of Brazilian Association of Alcohol & Other Drugs Studies (Abead): Youth & Drugs: Psychoeducation, Community & Media  2003, Sao Paulo.
  • JAEGER, A. ; DUARTE, Camila Iung ; BALDISSERA, Daniel ; NUNEZ, Janaina Castro ; LOPES, Joana Maria Pacheco ; STEFANI, Letícia ; MICHAELSEN, Rafael ; RODRIGUES, Viviane Samoel ; KRAMER, Cibele ; PRETTO, Glória ; NUNES, Kelly . Increase on demand of crack dependents at a centre for treatment of substance abusers. In: V Congress of Latin-America Association of Cognitive Psychotherapies, 2004, Porto Alegre. A, Latin-America Association of Cognitive Psychotherapies, 2004.
  • JAEGER, A. ; KRAMER, Cibele ; PRETTO, Glória ; NUNES, Kelly ; Buarque, C ; HOERLLE, H. A. The Incidence of search for crack dependence treatment. In: XV Congress of Brazilian Association of Alcohol & Other Drugs Studies, 2003, São Paulo.
  • SCHEEREN, Patrícia ; BUARQUE, Cláudia Alves ; ARGIMON, Irani Iracema de Lima ; JACOBS, Érico Ribeiro ; NUNES, Kelly Ferrão ; SCHMIDT, Eluisa Bordin ; BICCA, Mônica Giaretton ; LOPES, Regina Fernandes.Families perception of Cohesion & Resilience. In: V Latin – American Congress of Psychotherapy, 2004, Porto Alegre.

Luciana Zeni 

  •  MELO AFV, ZENI LL, COSTA CL, FAVA AS. The importance of the psychological monitoring in the process of accepting the death. REVIPSI, v.13, n. 1, 2014.
  • DETTINO, ALA.; TEODORO, AL; FANALLI, MF; COTRIM, TH; ZENI, LL; Fumis, R. R. L. ; SERRANO, S C. Palliative care and oncology: the experience of introducing the Palliative Care unit at Hospital A. C. Camargo. Revista Brasileira de Cuidados Paliativos, v. 3, p. 09-18, 2012.
  • DETTINO ALA, PONTES LL, PAGANO T, et al. Distress in gastrointestinal cancer: Distress thermometer (DT, NCCN) – Validation to Brazilian Portuguese. [abstractl. J Clin Oncol 2011; 29: 2011 (suppl 4) A608.
  • ZENI LL, DETTINO ALA, COSTA CL. Translation, transcultural adaptation and validation of NCCN Distress Thermometer (into ortugues ortuguese). National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). In: Annals of first Brazilian Congress on Palliative Care.
  • COSTA CL, NAKAMOTO L.L., ZENI L. L. (coord.) Discussing Psycho-oncology. São Paulo: Lemar, 2009.
  • ZENI, L. L., COSTA CL. Psycho-oncology and the hero’s journey. In: Discussing Psycho-oncology. São Paulo: Lemar, 2009, p. 35-49.