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Motherhood Courses

BPsych flyer copyMany resources are available for those who want to master the difficult and exciting task of being a mother. Much information may actually lead to confusion. We all know there is no recipe for being a mother. However, reflecting on some issues related to motherhood can help mums to transform challenging routine into something more pleasurable.

Topics: “Ideal Mother”; “Easy child/ Difficult child”; “The terrible twos”;

“Tantrum: What is it and how to deal with it”; “Assisting in the development of emotional skills; “Limits, how far to go with them? “The issue of labelling”;

“Helping to build a positive self-esteem”

5 weeks closed therapeutic group with one additional review session.

These support groups are run on an ongoing basis. The minimum number of participants in the group is 4 and maximum is 6.

“This workshop has completely changed my relationship with my daughter. It has become a lot easier! She is now a happier girl and I am a fulfilled mother”

P.F (Narrabeen)


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