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Recovery Circle Group for People with Disordered Eating

This group therapy offers psychological intervention, psycho-education, skills development, and recovery for people with disorder eating who wish to connect in a safe and supportive environment.


Adults 18+ who are working on their journey towards recovery from an eating problem, and are currently attending private therapy sessions. This group is not suitable for current hospital in-patients, people whose physical health is severely compromised. To check your eligibility for this group please contact BPsych Clinic.

The group is conducted in an interactive seminar format, with provision of information, discussion, skill development / feedback, and homework practice. 
It runs for 5 consecutive weeks, for 2 hour each week from the Caringbah Clinic.

Our groups are facilitated and led by qualified and trained Psychologists and Provisional Psychologists with knowledge and/or experience relevant to running groups.


$200 for 5 weeks ($20/hour).  Fees payable two weeks prior to the beginning of Group.


Medicare rebates are available for clients who have a G.P. Mental Health Plan.  Medicare provides for 10 individual and 10 group therapy sessions per calendar year for people with disorder eating.  The Medicare Rebate for participants with a G.P. Mental Health Plan is payable by Medicare after the completion of 10 hours of group therapy.  In order to receive the Medicare rebate you will need to have a G.P. Mental Health Plan in place and a referral to a psychologist prior to attending the group.

If you already have a mental health care plan and a referral for individual counselling you will need to talk to your referring GP about adding group therapy to the care plan, and you will need another referral letter specifically for group therapy.


BPsych Recovery Circle Group aims to be non-discriminatory providing an opportunity for people to connect with others in a similar situation in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment.

The following Guidelines ensure members understand what is expected when attending a group:

  • Confidentiality – group members and conveners are expected to maintain confidentiality.
  • Boundaries – We encourage group members to be mindful of sharing their contact details with others and will not approach a group member in public unless that group member acknowledges or approaches them first.
  • Sharing – we respect everyone’s right to share their stories, strategies and experiences. We believe that personal experiences and feelings are unique, all group members may ask questions, and equally all group members can refuse to respond.
  • No specifics – BPsych Recovery Circle Group is committed to providing a recovery-focused and supportive environment for all. As such, group members are not permitted to share specific weights, ways of controlling weight or detailed accounts of behaviours that maintain an eating disorder.
  • Supporting each other – we give our support to the person who is speaking, and do not engage in side conversations. We allow all members to share their experiences and we try to refrain from making judgments about others.
  • Different stages of recovery – we understand that each person is at a different stage of recovery, and needs to find their own way of moving forward. We attend support groups to better understand our own feelings and to support each other through the difficult process of recovering from an eating disorder or supporting someone who is doing so.
  • Respect for the group – we demonstrate our respect for the group by arriving on time, staying for the whole group, minimizing disruptive behaviour, and switching off mobile phones.
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